Cleanwoods offers portable toilets for the entire 
Mid-Coast area at affordable rates for job sites, 
homes, weddings, and special events. We offer
the cleanest and most visually appealing units

Wedding/Special Events: These portable toilets come in either wedding white or forest green, and include an attractive lattice work fence. They come complete with flushes, sinks/hand sanitizers, mirrors, and lights. 

Boudoirs: Our exclusive boudoir's are perfect for weddings/VIP functions. They are a larger unit measuring
5' x 5', with a full length mirror, lotion spray soap dispenser, 3 purse/sweater hooks, motion activated light, toilet seat cleaner, flushes and full sink.  

Standard: The standard portable toilet is used for job sites, parks and recreation, sporting events, or for any occasion where a standard portable toilet may be needed.

Handicap: Handicap units are available to accommodate all guests.
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